LN Clinical Research and Wellness, LLC
Founded March 2015
Lynda Jo Nordstrom, RN, BSN, MA

**This website will be inactivated as of 27Sept2017. Please click on the blog link below to stay in touch**

RYT230 Yoga Teacher
Health and Wellness Nurse Coach
Clinical Research Professional

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  1. Amanda
    "Lynda Jo has been an anchor..."
    Lynda Jo has been helping me maintain focus and accountability while I study for the bar examination. With her guidance I was able to identify negative thought patterns and habits that brought nothing but stress and doubt. She introduced me to ways in which I could address my thought patterns, alter my habits, and ultimately, greatly reduce my stress. Lynda Jo has been an anchor through this very overwhelming process. I look forward to continuing to work together to help achieve my goals.
  2. Sandy M
    Sandy M
    "The biggest lesson was to breath!"
    I was introduced to Lynda Jo through a trusted and much beloved friend. I felt instantly at ease with her. We spent many weeks in our coaching relationship and I learned many ways of mastering the tasks and/or problems that present themselves in my life. The biggest lesson was to breath! Having an open mind and open heart will, in my opinion, bring you the best results with Lynda Jo. I am keeping her contact information at hand so that if I derail myself at some point in the future I will reach out to her to brush up on the tools we have worked on.
  3. Sandy F
    Sandy F
    "Just what I needed!"
    After a 37 year career in Nursing and Clinical Research I made the decision to step back and take some time for myself. I was a little bit stuck in how to approach moving forward after so many years on task. Lynda Jo empowered me with the tools to define the steps I needed to take to move forward and create the life I want to live. She assisted me to look inside and reach for the things I have been putting on hold for years through her positive coaching sessions. Just what I needed!